‘Minecraft’ update removes in-game references to its controversial creator

Microsoft, which owns Minecraft, appears to be distancing itself and Minecraft from its original creator, Markus “Notch” Persson.

The latest Minecraft update to hit the Java version of the game removed a couple of references to Notch that would sometimes appear on the game’s home screen next to the title. Twitter user decrepitlab pointed these changes out on Wednesday. While we don’t know for sure why exactly Notch’s name was taken off the home screen, it’s possible that this move stems from the many questionable things he’s said online over the years.

To confirm the removal of Notch references, decrepitlab looked inside the game’s files and found that the messages “Made by Notch!” and “The work of Notch!” are no longer in the list of splash text that appear on the screen.


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