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Oge Okoye opens Up on Why She Visited Pastor Alph Lukau - BEMAZO

Oge Okoye opens Up on Why She Visited Pastor Alph Lukau

Prominent Nollywood performing artist Oge Okoye has ended quiet over a video which demonstrates her purportedly experiencing redemption by Pastor Alph Lukau who is acclaimed for a disputable revival marvel.

The screen star who has gotten a great deal of reaction after the video turned into a web sensation disclosed her choice to go before minister Lukau was a direct result of her auntie who is wheelchair-ridden.

She shared:

“Great morning Glam FAMILY… … I attempt to be quiet about everything and anything particularly when Negativity shouts out so noisy. I don’t endeavor to Calm the Storm,but will just Calm my brain and the Storm will Pass..though I owe nobody any clarification as respects to my own magnificent race yet

I have a craving for tending to THIS out of control fire

I Traveled to see my mum as normal and she revealed to me how she went over the youtube channel of AMI church and that she’s been tailing them as far back as on account of what God is doing in the congregation through Pastor Alphalukau. So my mum needed to visit the congregation due to her more youthful sister(My aunt)who is a malignant growth patient,wheelchair bound and is laid up. Because of Mum’s age,I didn’t need her creation that long adventure from Spain to South Africa so I mentioned for my auntie’s photos and guaranteed her that I would visit the congregation so I can remain in for her as a point of contact. That was the means by which I visited AMI on the Sunday, sixteenth of October 2018,last year. Go on youtube and see with yourselves own eyes. If it’s not too much trouble Nigerians,Is anything incorrectly in looking for the substance of God or remaining in the hole for my wiped out aunt? How Gullible can individuals be?Why manufacture stories?

In the mean time what amount do you figure I will be paid to do the incomprehensible? God deny

Whoever said that..May they be chatted with a similar harsh pill to swallow IJN. So be it

Much obliged to you Lord for every one of the endowments.

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