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How Technology is Enabling Smart Cities around the World: Will Nigeria Ever Catch up? - BEMAZO

How Technology is Enabling Smart Cities around the World: Will Nigeria Ever Catch up?

“For creating nations in Africa like Nigeria, not just our cell phones ought to be Smart, our urban communities should be keen as well, for me this is the test of the administration at various dimensions”

While numerous urban areas are getting to be ‘shrewd’ empowering improvement that makes life simple for her kin to move around starting with one spot then onto the next, get to taxpayer supported organizations effortlessly. The condition of infrastructural advancement in Nigeria is yet to improve over these years. This is something of an incredible worry to numerous Nigerians. Will Nigeria ever get up to speed with these patterns?

These poor frameworks in the nation disables monetary advancement in various ways. New Technologies like Green Tech and Internet of Things (IoT) have come to make life much simpler and for what reason are Nigerian government not taking a gander at manners by which Technology can make urban areas run successfully, proficiently and profitably. This the focal point of Smart urban areas around the globe.

Have you ever thought of driving home from work in Lagos with no congested driving conditions, utilizing your route gadgets and your telephone sends you constant traffic reports and proposes option and best courses for you. And afterward when you see potholes out and about, or mishap your vehicle sensor sends report to your cell phone and after that you send an email to the administration organization in charge of fixing that. Not just that, you likewise have the decision of really utilizing the rail benefits set up to associate inside the city and out of the city. This is what is reachable in different nations well before now.

Every day in Lagos, one is really looked with the test of how to get from indicate A point B inside the city and make up for lost time with arrangements on schedule. It is ending up progressively troublesome moving around the city due to the overwhelming road turned parking lot that is a noteworthy attributes of the city. This is a noteworthy test for people, organizations and associations. It has really decreased effectiveness and profitability in various regions you should need to take a gander at it from even future of individuals living in Lagos.

Much the same as the jingles and echoes of praising the 100 years of Nigeria is being driven by the legislature and I start to ponder while navigating the length and expansiveness of different urban areas in the nation, if Nigerians truly have something to anticipate.

I am not astounded to peruse as of late that Nigeria is positioned one of the top nations as a fizzled state. Having visited a few nations, don’t know of any nation where individuals live the manner in which we do. The poor condition of foundation in Nigeria is something troubling and abandons you considering on the off chance that we really have had any legislature set up every one of these years. Commonly I ask myself, how did the nation savage to this dimension. Profound established debasement brought us where we are at this moment.

While numerous nations are progressing in the utilization of innovation to improve the manner in which individuals live and work together, Nigeria is yet to wake up to this.

Half a month back in Dubai, I heard the leader of Dubai guarantee his kin that Dubai is en route to turning into a keen city. I was thinking about how keen can the city become again with all they as of now have on ground-incredible streets and transport systems, extraordinary foundation, full e-government, extraordinary economy simply name it.

It demonstrates that nations are consistently overhauling and improving their foundation with innovation patterns and globalization. With these, occasionally gathering Africa as a creating or developing business sector with the Middle East and spots like Dubai isn’t reasonable, we are yet to wake up to the substances and openings innovation can convey to a creating country like our own.

How does a city become Smart? Tragically Nigeria with her immense material and HR over these years can’t flaunt her urban communities with current foundation and open utilities. Taxpayer driven organizations are yet to get on the web. We are extremely behind in innovation progression. Similarly as most nations are making their urban communities work with Smart innovations that make live simple and verified, just our cell phones are starting to get more astute and that is what is being praised as far as innovation headway in Nigeria. There is a ton to be wanted.

The fact of the matter is no city ever progresses in Technology and Innovation without establishing the framework for that. Innovation advancement does not simply occur, it needs a well considered arrangement and technique for usage. This is the test of Nigerian government at all dimensions.

A standout amongst the most evident advantage of a keen city is wellbeing. A savvy city gives security of lives and property in an interesting manner that makes individuals need to live and work together there. The utilization of cameras, sensors and information caught by machines around the urban areas continuously are valuable for security control and that give 24 hours ongoing reconnaissance. Simply accomplishing this in real urban communities of the nation will extraordinarily lessen the rate of wrongdoing and frailty in the nation.

I don’t need to state much on the advantages of a keen city, the administration definitely comprehends what a brilliant city looks like as they travel everywhere throughout the world. The fact of the matter is with a brilliant city the weight of administration is diminished and the city ends up proficient and powerful. The inquiry still remains-Will Nigeria ever make up for lost time?

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