Nigerian soldier shot by Boko Haram terrorists cries for help

A Nigerian soldier, Obi Peter who was shot by Boko Haram fear mongers in 2015 has taken to Facebook to weep for help saying he feels ‘dismissed and surrendered’.

Peruse his extremely contacting story underneath… .

Time to stand up instead of ending it all

I am Obi Peter, a Nigerian officer shot by Boko Haram psychological militants in Maiduguri on January 25th 2015. I have been on affirmation till December 2018 when I was compelled to visit my unit from Kaduna Military by the Army Hospital executive to return when an endorsement of reserve for my further treatment is made

When I was returning, I had a deadly car crash however God spared me, the vehicle summersaulted in excess of multiple times and furthermore fell on tress and structures on movement. From that point forward, I have been going through torments and the general population that constrained me to make a trip never care to know how I am feeling till now.

Notwithstanding when I reached them severally about the occurrence. Before I was compelled to leave the medical clinic pending when an aprroval of reserve for my further treatment is made, a few dignitaries endeavored to help yet all without much of any result. Scarcely any names I will make reference to attempted their best however similar individuals that sent me to combat zone still kept quiet about it.

I can’t overlook Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, Chief Ikedi Ohakim, Barrister Chijioke Onwubuariri, Maj Gen. Okeke, Hon. Franklin Ibeh, Mayor Kenneth Emejuru, Gen, Onibasa, some senior officers of the Nigerian Military, some firends here I never found in my life and furthermore my uncle and a portion of my cousins.

For your adoration and help, my kin, all isn’t well. I am still excessively youthful, the weight is much on me. I am feeling rejected and relinquished. Companions are keeping away from me currently, even my own kin I went to speak to, nobody approaches me once more. Individuals don’t react to my calls or answer my instant messages. I don’t have the foggiest idea about my offense individuals. I don’t have the foggiest idea in the event that it is a wrongdoing to serve and safeguard my nation.

If it’s not too much trouble acted the hero, I’m biting the dust. Much obliged for your comprehension and may the great ruler keep on bringing my fate aide through all of you. I have attavhed a few pictures here to provemy situations.

Much appreciated

Obi Peter

Injured in real life trooper


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