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Slay queen caught after stealing valuables from a birthday party In Edo State

A youthful Nigerian lady has been gotten after purportedly taking resources from a birthday party she was welcome to in Benin city, Edo state.

Data accumulated uncovered that the suspect named Aisha, purportedly stole telephones, wigs, wristwatches among different things and supposedly hacked a record by means of cell phone where she pulled back about N180,000.

Mhiz Famzy Hairworld who shared the video said Aisha left the inn where the gathering was held and fled to Warri in Delta state. She was found and the stolen things found in her posession.

Peruse what was shared on Facebook underneath:

Never realized appeal exist until yesterday,she was welcome to my sister’s birthday party yesterday she stole me and my more youthful sister telephone Samsung cosmic system A8 and Samsung universe S6 stole my atm card, My wig ,our wristwatches ,and effectively hacked my record, not knowing when she was sent to gather something from my room she gathered my room card key, after we dozed off not nothing she later utilized the way to open the entryway and stole our assets utilizing appeal to put us to profound rest.

Haba Aisha hacked my record with her beau and exchange the cash to other record rapidly left the lodging by 4am at the beginning of today and rushed to warri with my things,and at the beginning of today she didn’t off my telephone since she was getting alert and furthermore pulling back it Aisha my cash isn’t finished o u must total my cash cos I buckled down for it, and pls companions.


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Pilots flying airplane in cockpit

FROM FLIGHT TRAINING TO aviation management and mechanics, colleges are gearing up to meet labor challenges faced by airlines.

Over the next 20 years, the aviation industry will need 790,000 new pilots across the globe, according to a 2018 study by aircraft manufacturer Boeing. The study predicts a need to recruit an additional 206,000 new airline pilots in North America alone. Similarly, Boeing predicts a global need for 754,000 technicians and 890,000 new cabin crew members in the next two decades. While those numbers are grim for airlines, they’re a positive sign for aviation majors looking to land a job after college.

To draw students in and fill shortages in the workforce, airlines are partnering with colleges to bolster flight training programs.

“A lot of our industry partners have stepped up and they’ve offered scholarships and pathway programs to try to give a little more certainty to students that are considering entering the profession. And that certainly has paid off. A lot of students take advantage of those programs,” says Jim Higgins, aviation department chair and professor at the University of North Dakota.

As an example of how industry is partnering with colleges, Associate Dean of the College of Aerospace and Aviation Professor Elizabeth Bjerke points to pathway programs at UND through a variety of airlines. Pathway programs offer graduates a direct path to working for an airline while scholarships help students pay for college.

The Federal Aviation Administration requires 1,500 flight hours in order to earn the airline transport pilot certificate needed to fly commercially. An aviation degree-holder benefits from a lower threshold for required flight hours. A graduate of an FAA authorized institution needs only 1,000 flight hours to fly commercially if he or she earned a bachelor’s degree in aviation. Graduates with an associate degree need to log 1,250 flight hours to earn an airline transport pilot certificate.

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