Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship Full and Partial Scholarship 2019


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Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship

Jiangsu Provincial Government has set up the “Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship” for global understudies so as to advance the improvement of advanced education of International understudies in Jiangsu, to additionally improve the profile of Jiangsu Education to the world, to feature the brand of “Concentrate in Jiangsu” and to make Jiangsu a favored area for universal understudies to contemplate in. This grant will be given to those great abroad understudies or researchers to embrace full time ponder in colleges and schools of Jiangsu. It will likewise incorporate those non-qualification program understudies and trade understudies as per instructive trade understandings and MOUs between the Jiangsu Provincial Government and the legislatures of different states, foundations, colleges and global associations.

Classes of Applicants

Great outside understudies who wish to attempt full time think about in colleges and schools in Jiangsu Province.

Non-certificate program understudies and trade understudies as per instructive trade understandings and MOUs between the Jiangsu Provincial Government and the legislatures of different states, establishments, colleges and worldwide associations.

Criteria and Eligibility

1. Candidates must be non-Chinese natives healthy.

2. Training foundation and age limit:

Candidates for both the school and undergrad programs must have a senior secondary school certificate with a decent scholastic act and be younger than 30.

Candidates for the graduate degree program must have a four year college education and be younger than 35.

Candidates for the doctoral certificate program must have a graduate degree and be younger than 40.

3. Candidates must consent to comply with the significant laws of the PRC and meet the confirmation prerequisites of the host colleges or universities.

4. Candidates must have a decent scholastic record.

5. Candidates can’t be beneficiaries of different grants offered by Chinese government, neighborhood governments or different associations at the same time.

States of Scholarship

1. Full Scholarship

An expense waiver of educational cost, enlistment, research center examinations, temporary job, and essential course readings.

Cost of investigations or entry level positions past the program educational module is at understudy’s very own cost.

Cost of books or learning materials other than required fundamental reading material is at understudy’s very own cost.

Free on-grounds residence convenience, or a settlement stipend of CNY 10,000 every year.

A living remittance of CNY1,500 every month. Grant beneficiaries enrolling before the fifteenth of the enlistment month (the fifteenth included) will be conceded the full living recompense of that month. Beneficiaries enlisting after the fifteenth of the enrollment month might be conceded half of the living stipend of that month.

Complete Medical Insurance and Protection Scheme for International Students while in China.

2. Incomplete Scholarship

Undergrad: CNY20,000 per scholastic year; Duration: One scholarly year

Undergrad understudy/Postgraduate understudy: CNY 30,000 for every scholastic year; Duration: One scholarly year

Non-qualification program understudy/Exchange understudy: CNY2,000 every month; Duration: 3 to a year (as per the understanding)

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