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A lady’s friend was accused of sending thugs to beat her husband to death in Port Harcourt

Earlier today, we shared the story of a woman that has been arrested for allegedly sending thugs to beat her husband because he slapped her. A friend of the lady Afy Francisca Okwechima, has taken to Facebook, to give an account of what happened.

According to Francisca, the man had subjected his wife to many years of domestic violence. When she couldn’t take it, she called in her brothers to beat the man up. Sadly he died 10 days later.

Read her account below

Good evening, Mr Ufuoma Bernard I truly sympathise with you. I’m the founder of Afulenu cares foundation and these are the kind of situations we fight for. Its very sad you do not know the true story and all that glitters is not gold. I’m sorry my dearest friend and sister Princess Polachi Vivian , but I have to tell your story, she was 16 when her father died and due to poverty she was forced to marry Odi who was 40 then, she was a baby making machine, started giving birth from 17, Odi would only sleep with her for procreation and never showed her intimacy, he beat her up to stupor some nights she didn’t agree, she suffered from depression which led to her weight gain, she was unhappy and had no one to turn to until she registered herself at the stadium not a gym and not by Odi.

Now working out was the only thing that made her happy, when Odi saw the wife was happy he started his rounds of lies that she was being unfaithful and the beatings increased. Many times my friend will hide until her wounds heal, she will always say he is not perfect but at least he is taking care of the children. My friend endured the beating and domestic violence for 12 years but still kept quiet. Now the sister to Odi who is divorced came to live with them, instead of going to the one bedroom she insisted it’s her brothers house and decided to stay in the living room, princess disagreed and asked her to move to the one bedroom that it won’t be nice when visitors come to visit and see her in the parlour with her belongings so an argument started which led to Odi slapping Princess, as if that was not enough, the sister held princess hands while Odi punched and blew princess in his usual manner, she suffered a wrist and shoulder fracture, I have the report from the hospital and I will post pictures as well.

This beating happened on Saturday the 30th of March, now In 12 years of marriage princess has never retaliated but due to the beating she received, she sent the pictures to her family, the next day which was Sunday, the siblings arrived and wanted to know why Odi has been beating up their sister all these years and Odi asked them all to get out and this led to a confrontation and they all started fighting, the elder brother to my friend princess is younger and stronger so he was able to overpower Odi. Now Odi had some cuts and bruises, I’m not supporting taking laws into your hands but the beating was just to give him a taste of his own medicine, now unfortunately after 10 days Odi died, we couldn’t believe it bcoz the intention was just to beat him up so he won’t touch their sister again.

Now my friend with her broken wrist, shoulder, badly beaten face was arrested but when God is at work, you will suffer tribulations but he will always rescue his own, today I was at the police station after 6 days of her arrest and to God be the glory she has been released because the autopsy showed the real cause of his death, I have first hand information from the police and hospital so please before you defame anyone on social media please know the facts, I don’t support evil but I know many men who have fought their sister’s husband, even their daughter’s husbands for beating them up, domestic violence should not be supported no matter what, this is the whole truth about this case and God will vindicate my friend. I leave you with some of the pictures of my friend when Odi uses her as a punching bag, she endured for 12 years.

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The Chalmers University of Technology is granting up to 10 grants yearly to forthcoming Master’s understudies who are natives of Estonia. The grant covers 8500 SEK/month for three semesters.

The motivation behind the grant finance: “Supporting Estonian occupants who are Estonian residents, to examine building, modeler or postgraduate instruction at Chalmers University of Technology”.

The Chalmers University of Technology is a Swedish college situated in Gothenburg that centers around research and instruction in innovation, normal science, design, oceanic and other administration zones.

Grant Description:

Application Deadline: Scholarship application due date is typically in January every year.

Course Level: These grants are accessible to seek after an ace degree.

Concentrate Subject: Scholarships are offered in various fields to help understudies in overhauling their instruction.

Grant Award: The grant adds up to 42 500 SEK per understudy for every semester.

Nationality: Citizens of Estonia can apply for this grant.

Number of Scholarships: Five grants are accessible.

Grant can be taken in Sweden

Qualification for the Scholarship:

Qualified Countries: Citizens of Estonia can apply for this grant.

Entrance Requirements:

– Estonian natives dwelling in Estonia to help their examinations at Chalmers University of Technology

– first year Master’s Program candidates

English Language Requirements: The accompanying language tests and least scores are acknowledged by Chalmers as evidence of English language capability:

Cambridge CPE or CAE: Pass

IELTS (scholastic preparing), 6.0 (with no piece of the test underneath 5.0) TOEFL (paper-based): 550 (with least score 4 on composed part)

TOEFL (PC based): 213

TOEFL (Internet-based): 79 (with least score 17 on composed part)

The TOEFL (Institution) code is 9520.

Application Procedure:

Instructions to Apply: Submit your application to:


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