How To Earn

There are several ways in which users can earn from our BEMAZO  INCOME and this is outlined as follows:
1. (BEMAZO : As an affiliate, you earn 70% per each referral. When you introduce your friends to participate on BEMAZO , you earn N700 Naira from their entry fee / product purchase and becoming part of
BEMAZO Community. In future when we will be having more valuable products, you will be earning more commission per sales
2DAILY LOGIN  Users will earn a token of N50 depending on their daily visits to the website
3.READING NEWS: you don’t actually need to comment on news at all…..all you need do is read and you’ll earn N4 for news read on the site
4.Writing Articles: BEMAZO registered users can write articles and make money from article earn 100 for any well composed news written
5.Article Comments: We value feedback on our platforms, therefore we pay users a token of 3 when they contribute to meaningfully to articles by commenting.
Referral bonus is #500
Registration  is   Free
No money is required to JOIN NOW  and start making  money every month